Farewell to the Footy Show

On Tuesday the CRTC officially confirmed Rogers Media’s acquisition of  Score Media. Beginning immediately new programming will make its way on to The Score Television Network, which will soon be renamed, as the integration process begins. This means the Footy Show is now finished. Hosts James and Kristian were unable to announce this on Monday’s final show so wanted to share some thoughts with you following today’s announcement.

Footy Show 4

From James Sharman:

I have to say I had reservations when we decided that Sportsworld needed to evolve into the Footy Show back in 2007.  Rugby and Cricket were very close to my heart after all, but with the arrival of the Premier League to theScore, plus the birth of TFC, we decided that jumping on the soccer wave was the smartest thing we could do.  Boy, am I glad we did.  The Footy Show evolved, grew and blossomed into a 360 brand, a term itself that was new to the media landscape.  A TV component, a blog, a podcast, a bunch of footy idiots swashbuckling through twitter… but above all it was fun! I’ve often used the analogy of a ‘conversation’ when explaining what the Footy Show vision was, and truly it was that, we wanted the viewer/user to feel as if they were chatting with us.  That was paramount because you know what, we liked our viewers/users (well, most of them) because I really think they were like us! And what about us? The Footy Show allowed you to meet Nobbers, Punners, Willy… and of course KJ, a likely bunch of lads who truthfully enjoy each other as much off camera and away from the mic as we do on it.
It’s an end of an era, but we’ve always landed on our feet when change arrives, the future is exciting as hell, and I for one can’t wait to get at it what ever that entails.  Cheers for watching.

From Kristian Jack:

The debut of the Footy Show, alongside the rights to the Premier League games gave me a chance, as a producer, to make sure we covered the sport the way it should be, with a real emphasis on entertainment and insight. I never dreamed small on-camera cameos on those early shows would lead me to become the show’s analyst/co-host later on. For that I owe a tremendous amount to our wonderful viewers. From 2007-2013 the television landscape changed, we changed as people, but the biggest change of all was the IQ of soccer viewers in Canada. They demanded smart, funny, insightful shows and I feel we delivered with those across all the platforms James mentioned. Soccer fans can spot fakers a mile away – and although James and I have been accused of sometimes having fake accents, I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say you got the real us every time;  two normal blokes, blessed to work in this business, working extensively to cover a great sport. It was an absolute pleasure doing the show, the pregame and postgame shows around the Premier League and Serie A matches, the podcast and the blog. To think that so many people cared what we had to say is very humbling and something I will never take for granted. The show allowed me to make great friends, thank you to the many great people who worked on it and to everyone who went out of their way to tell us how much they enjoyed it. It meant so much to hear that every time. Thanks to past producers Thomas Dobby and Dom Gentile  and the current one, Will Farquharson, (pictured above with us) for their brilliant visions. Today is a rare day for me to look back. The future is close and will be addressed shortly, but in the meantime thanks for letting me to talk to you all so much. It truly was an absolute pleasure.

38 comments on “Farewell to the Footy Show

  1. KJ, we need you back out there in podcast and TV form giving us instant analysis. Not having the Footy Show podcast has been surprisingly frustrating.

  2. As a french canadian, i’m a big fan of the show since World Cup 2010. In Canada, there was no shows about soccer only, i was glad i find the Footy Show.

  3. Only once in a lifetime, I fear. The show was a unique and timely combination of talent, which likely cannot be replicated. Current knock-offs don’t even come close. Thanks, and best wishes.

  4. good luck in the future lads and thanks for all the great/fun analysis you made the game we all love even more enjoyable. Ill be sure to follow your future work.

  5. All great things officially come to an end i guess. Good luck with everything in the future. Hope KJ follows James onto soccer central. Unless he gets an offer to work for skysports.

    Steve aka niagaraceltic

  6. Will be missed, very entertaining and great banter…and I like that though you focussed on Premier League, you were knowledgeable about Serie A, La Liga and even the Copa America..hope to see you guys on air soon..

  7. Cheers guys. So sad that the show is ending. Loved everything about it. Hope to see you both back on tv and pod very soon.

  8. End of a wonderful era. I knew this was coming but still is a kick in the teeth. Thank you so much for such wonderful programing over the years and hope to see, hear or read you soon in future.

  9. Gentlemen, I can’t say thank you enough for the many hours of footy knowledge, fun, and passion that you’ve both shared with us your loyal listeners. I may not have contributed many questions or tweets or comments, but I never missed a podcast and I watched whenever life allowed. I wish you both the best and hope that you continue enlightening us in some way on the game we love.
    Thank you Kristian and James.

  10. Massive fan of all forms of the Footy Show over the years. Sad to see it go, but I’ll look forward to whatever comes next for both of you.

    Thanks for the memories.

  11. Gents
    Thanks for taking the game I love and pushing it to a new era of coverage in Canada. Hope the future will see you guys continuing to do what you do best….but for now Cheers !!!

  12. To James & Kristian,

    I’ll try not to make this as long as my tribute to the podcast, so here it goes.

    Given my work schedule, it was often quite hard for me to watch the Footy Show as much as I did on the podcast side of things, but when I was able to it was always brilliant, no matter when it was on and what the topics were about.

    In an ocean of noise, you guys stood out when it came to television sports coverage with the unique way you looked at the game, and you were also the only pre, halftime, and post-game show that I ever really gave a damn about and would take time out to watch, for there was never any pushing of agendas when it came to the game itself and everyone just talked about, well the game.

    I look forward to what the future holds for both, but for now I again say thank you. As I wrote when the podcast wrapped up, your insight led to me becoming the footy diehard that I am today, and I can never say thank you to you two enough for that.

    All of the best,

    Lucas Punkari

    P.S.: I just realized I have no more unofficial intern titles now. I’m off to go resume shopping.

  13. The Footy Show was by far the best football coverage in Canada. It’s sad to see it go. Thanks for the years of great entertainment and insight. All the best in the future. I certainly hope to see you guys again in another incarnation for footy coverage.


  14. Ohhh, the sadness. First the podcast goes. Now the TV show goes. *sigh* Am hoping that I’ll be able to find you guys somewhere soon, and not just on the Twitter. Cheers!

  15. Bob Dole really appreciated all the hard work and personality you guys put into everything you did at The Score. Bob Dole is hoping to see you guys back presenting soccer content in some form soon!

  16. My footy life will not be the same without you guys. Thanks for the man years of great soccer talk. I hope your both back at it together on TV or on a podcast soon.


  17. You two were the driving force behind the best soccer show in Canada. Brian Budd is no doubt smiling at you from up there (and toasting your good health and continued success). I can only say that KJ better be appearing alongside James on Soccer Central very soon.

    Fact is, when the Soccer Central hosts stand in front of that big screen soccer stadium at the end, I keep expecting a giant KJ to reach down and start violently moving them around the pitch like he does to the Subbuteo figures during a Formation Geek segment.

    Continued success!

  18. I’m truly going to miss this show (almost as much as I miss the podcast). If there is any justice in this world, you guys will be re-united. At the very least I’ll be able to follow your careers as a fan of everything you guys do. This show has been a launchpad for Punners, and although he and James are rocking suits now (and I had to bulk up my cable package to see em) I know they’re legit. As for KJ, I’m a massive fan of your tactical columns and I seldom disagree with your opinions. Thanks for everything you’ve done and please, keep up the good work!

  19. Gentleman,

    It is truly saddening that the era of The Footy Show is over. The radio shows and podcasts were often the bright spot in my day. The humour and insight kept me, and I am sure many other fans, coming back day after day. On the rare occasion I was able to catch the t.v. show, it was a perfect day when it also happened to a ‘Formation Geek’ day.

    I look forward to hearing and seeing you guys again soon; instilling brilliant analysis, wit and the perfect amount of the self-deprecation required in following a team and sport as closely as you guys do.

    You have been wonderful and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

    Best of luck, guys. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

  20. Man oh man, you are gonna have us all crying. I would never have cared as much about this game had it not been for the footy show & podcast. When I immigrated to Canada, I never expected anyone here to have even the most remote idea of what the BPL is ( I was in for a shocker). The footy show deserves all the credit for helping this game to continue growing throughout Canada. Honestly, the show and the podcast have changed my outlook on soccer completely. You guys have made me laugh but also think, for which I am still very thankful.

    Best of luck with the future and cheers !!!

  21. Thank you guys for putting out a quality product. I was (and am) working for the competition but have tremendous respect for what you guys were able to do. Nothing is impossible if you have the right people with the right vision. You guys had it in spades.

    Thank you for all your hard work, all your insight and all your humor. Coverage of the game took a hit with this news – but as you will all agree, nothing is bigger than the game. Your talent will simply morph into something new – and dare I say – better.

    Can’t wait to hear you guys doing it all again.
    All the best in the future.

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  23. Hope you guys are back on TV ASAP? I would give anything to see you guys replace Dobson and Forrest on Satruday mornings….

  24. Sad day. I hope yours and Sharms’ tremendous work hasn’t gone unnoticed and you both land comfortably on your feet. Live long and prosper Footy Friend.

  25. This is terrible news. I’ve been dreading this announcement ever since Rogers bought the Score. Shameful that they didn’t give the show a proper farewell.
    All the best to James and KJ in life and their future careers. The Footy Show provided the best and most original soccer content to be found on TV and the web with tons of great co-hosts and guest spots (Dobbs, Joe, Dichio, etc.). My wife and I used to listen to the podcast all time; you guys had us cracked up constantly. Was great to hear a bunch of bickering brothers who clearly enjoyed hanging out together as much as they loved chatting about the sport.
    Thanks for the great episodes, raising my soccer IQ, and all the laughs. Hope Rogers has the sense put you both on Soccer Central (and let you co-host the Soccer Central weekend edition!).
    Don’t go far fellas. The landscape of Canadian footy is already bleak enough; it would suffer even more without you.

  26. The Footy Show and The Footy Blog were 2 fantastic places to listen about/read about this great game. I want to thank you guys for providing such a great product over the years.

    James, I see you’ve already shown up on soccer central complete with suit and flashy shoes today. Good luck to you, and all the best.

    KJ, I’ve considered you the best footy commentator in North America for a number of years know. I loved reading you post-game reports on the blog, and you tactical breakdowns as well. I wish you all the best and hope to see you back on TV in the very near future. ANY tv outlet would be getting a real gem by landing you.

    All the best guys.

    Thanks again for all the hard work in the past.


  27. No Kristian, no slagging Arsenal. Eek. Who’s going to be there to tell me that I deserve better as a gooner? You don’t know what you had until it’s gone. Great job guys! Smart, witty and never belligerent, even if you were wrong. Kristian, your early Aston Villa pod was great. I plan to bring my boys to the Emirates, just to see their wide eyes.

  28. Just thought to check here and I saw the news. I miss the days of Joe Ross and I arguing over our fantasy league teams in the chat room while some horrible Sunday Serie A game played in the background (you guys had TERRIBLE luck with games, if memory serves). I miss being shouted out on the vodcast when I threatened to hang a banner from my apartment building.

    Looks like everyone’s landed on their feet, but here’s hoping for continued success. You are all a big part of my sports fandom, and you’ll have my support.

  29. Guys, you will be missed trememdously (FootyShow, FootyBlog, FootyPodcasts and back in the day your EPL coverage). I feel like I have lost a couple of close friends. I wish you all the best of luck with your next projects. If you ever roll through Orangeville, pints on me!

  30. A sad day for football followers as it was a must on myPVR! With KJ & Lames going to different networks that’s it I guess. Hopefully they can reconnect in the near future and being the show back.

  31. i laughed, i cried, it became a part of me. Okay, i didn’t cry. It always seemd that your show (the footy show) was on at unusual hours, and was one of the few things that i would scour the score for :>) i really appreciated your intelligence and verve. As a Canadian, i couldn’t believe that someone besides me knew what Subbuteo was.

    All the best in the future, i am sorry you have to wear a tie. :>)

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